Everyseeker | May 25-28, 2017
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David Barclay (Halifax, NS)

Sensing the Ocean Using Ambient Noise

Accurate knowledge of ambient noise increases the ability to detect and quantify sounds from biologic or anthropogenic sources hidden within the ocean’s cacophony.   The noise itself is a window into the physical mechanisms that generate sound as well as the properties of the ocean through which sound travels, such as temperature, salinity, seabed composition, and sea surface waves.   With his Everyseeker presentation titled Sensing the Ocean Using Ambient Noise David Barclay will demonstrate that  noise  is truly a misnomer, and that ambient sound is information rich and a useful tool for observation in the ocean.

Bio: Dr. David Barclay is an assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University and the Canada Research Chair in Ocean Technology Systems.  His research is focused on modelling and measuring the properties of ambient noise in the ocean.  He has made underwater recordings in the Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench (the deepest spot in the world’s oceans), Tonga Trench, Philippine Sea, Mississippi River, Atlantic continental shelf break,
and the Bay of Fundy.


Thursday, May 25th • 4 PM | FREE | All Ages
Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic • 1675 Lower Water Street


Chris Murdoch (Dartmouth, NS)

Black Dots

In his Everyseeker Symposium presentation titled Black Dots Chris Murdoch will focus on the experiences of African-Canadians/Americans in the world of punk rock and hardcore music. The contributions of Black people to the art form, as well as how those contributions have shaped the genre of punk to be known as it is today will be a main focus for this discussion. Other topics explored will include the importance of Black women in rock and roll/punk rock, the notion of the “outsider”, the incorporation of different musical influences to enhance the genre of punk, and the marginalization and systemic oppression experienced by people of colour within a specifically “punk” context.

Bio: Chris Murdoch is a local African Nova Scotian musician, radio host, and writer. He began his involvement in the local punk scene in the spring of 2000, and has since gone on to perform in and record with several bands, as well as book and promote local punk shows over the last ten years. Chris has a degree in Sociology from King’s College and currently works as a Student Recruitment Coordinator with Nova Scotia Community College. He lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with his partner Stephanie and their son Maceo.

Friday, May 26th • 5 PM | FREE | All ages
Halifax North Library • 2285 Gottingen Street


Anne Bourne (Toronto, ON)

Deep Listening Intensive: The Tuning Meditation

Deep Listening Intensive with Anne Bourne is an immersive experience of collective creativity, through the listening and sounding pieces of Pauline Oliveros. A public event, all participants are invited to follow simple text scores, to listen and create a sound piece together. A few simple pieces lead to the sounding of the Tuning Meditation, once performed at Lincoln Centre in New York as a gesture of sonic peace. Anne’s facilitation of Deep Listening is informed by her experiences with Pauline Oliveros, at the Rose Mountain retreats, and in their collaborative performances. In gratitude Anne lead the Tuning Meditation at the Park Avenue Armory Tribute to Pauline Oliveros, 2017. Refining Oliveros’ practice of Deep Listening: ‘listening to all there is to listen to at all times,’ and experiencing listening meditations and sounding pieces, may bring a sense of well being individually and deepen community. This event is open to the public.


“Deep Listening® is a process created by renowned composer Pauline Oliveros that is informed by expanding the range of audible forms beyond ordinary sound perceptions in daily life.The practice of Deep Listening is intended to heighten awareness of sound, silence and sounding.”

Bio: Composer Anne Bourne, known for collaborative work, is a facilitator of the Deep Listening pieces of renowned composer Pauline Oliveros 1932-2016. After meeting virtually, on a Telematic concert in New York, 1993, Anne spent a series of summers in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico, listening with Oliveros and Ione, inspired to shift her way of engaging with sound. Anne one of ‘les six’ received a Deep Listening Certificate early on. An improviser for the premier of ‘Primordial/Lift,’ 1998, Anne appeared with Oliveros on all subsequent performances and recordings, most recently on TAIGA, 2012. Anne continued to improvise with Pauline, their last appearance with Ione, at XAvant in Toronto, 2016. Performing still, Anne is on Faculty at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Collective Collaboration Lab, 2017. Anne believes each creative expression is an opportunity for the resolution of difference tones, through listening.


Saturday, May 27th • 4 PM | FREE | All ages
Halifax North Library • 2285 Gottingen Street


Laraaji (New York, NY)

Laughter Meditation Workshop

Legendary new age beacon Laraaji, aka Edward Larry Gordon, will be leading one of his world-famous Laughter Meditation Workshops in a sunlit room at Halifax Central Library. Having been mounted all across the globe for the past twenty years, Laraaji’s inimitable workshops offer insight into self-knowledge, physical expression and peace of being. The workshop runs roughly 90 mins with a limited capacity. Contact Halifax Central Library to pre-register for this celestial happening.

Sunday, May 28th • 2 PM | Free | All Ages | Pre-registration required

Call 902-490-5706 to register
Halifax Central Library – Room 301 • 5440 Spring Garden Road


New Music From The Academy

Our partnership with Dalhousie’s Fountain School Of Performing Arts continues to yield fruitful and curious results. For this performance, we’ve invited some of the finest players from Dalhousie’s composition program to create a unique overture for the festival. A formidable opening note to a weekend of immersive sounding and thinking.

Thursday, May 25th • 5 PM | FREE | All Ages
Granville Square • At Duke & Granville


The Bibelot

Part instrument, part installation, The Bibelot is a self-composing set of sixteen ceiling mounted music boxes with custom-built drives, loops, lights and amps. Creating a sanctuary space that reflects the natural constancy of change, The Bibelot represents a major achievement by one of our nation’s most exciting musical vanguards, Jay Crocker. A sonic portal of limitless combination that will slip you into the infinite now, The Bibelot will be on view Thursday through Monday during the Anna Leonowens Gallery hours, with an opening reception Thursday evening and a special improv activation Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, May 25th • 6pm | FREE | All Ages
Anna Leonowens Gallery • 1891 Granville St

Thursday, May 25

David Barclay: Sensing the Ocean Using Ambient Noise

Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic
1675 Lower Water Street
4 PM | FREE | All Ages

New Music From The Academy

Granville Square
At Duke & Granville
5 PM | FREE | All Ages

The Bibelot

Anna Leonowens Gallery
1891 Granville St
6pm | FREE | All Ages

Friday, May 26

Chris Murdoch: Black Dots

Halifax North Library
2285 Gottingen Street
5 PM | FREE | All ages

Saturday, May 27

Anne Bourne
Deep Listening Intensive: The Tuning Meditation

Halifax North Library
2285 Gottingen Street
5 PM | FREE | All ages

Sunday, May 28

Laraaji: Laughter Meditation Workshop

Halifax Central Library – Room 301
5440 Spring Garden Road
2 PM | Free | All Ages | Pre-registration required
Call 902-490-5706 to register

The Bibelot

Improv Activation
Anna Leonowens Gallery
1pm | FREE | All ages